My mural work

In 2018 Gibraltar Cultural Services launched their ‘Street Art’ initiative. Artists were asked to submit mural designs for various locations around Gibraltar.

GCS selected my mural design for the tunnel located at Chatham Counterguard / Irish Town.

Two years later I submitted a further design for another competition and was awarded the location at the Department of Education in Queensway.

These are the principles behind my murals:

Make A Wish

Gone are the wide open spaces of Gibraltar lately; the heritage buildings struggle in an imposing landscape of modern contemporary architecture, regarded so often as eyesores. Construction is never-ending.

The pollution we are exposed to is so extreme here; if only there were more green spaces to clean our air.

In this mural you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the congested areas of Gibraltar, represented in black and white, and then step into a pedestrian area, protected from traffic pollution. This is represented in colour.

The child is blowing the dandelion into the air transforming the mural into colour. Too often we see people so engrossed in their mobile phones as they walk that they forget to observe the beauty around them. I invite the passer-by to stop and contemplate… make a wish!

Touch The Earth Gently For All Is Connected

The idea behind this mural is that we are all connected.

I wanted to create a ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect, as though we have knocked down the wall of this building, revealing a garden paradise.

Mother Nature, made up of nature’s elements, is blessing the Earth with her touch… the Earth is more than just a home: it is a living system and we are part of it.

The message behind this mural is that we need to look after our planet because every action carries a consequence. We are the caretakers of our planet and it is our responsibility to look after it. Otherwise our children, and subsequent generations, will suffer serious consequences. There is still time to make significant changes and prevent further damaging climate decline.

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