About Me

I have been creating art all my life, exploring virtually every artistic medium along the way. I studied at Chelsea School of Art (The London Institute) and at Exeter College of Art & Design (University of Plymouth), graduating with a BA(Hons) degree.

It has been argued that design is a skill and art is an innate gift and there is an ongoing debate about where design ends and art begins but, being a graphic designer, I am able to combine both these disciplines in my work.

I use a variety of media, also using my experience as a designer and my use of digital resources to create my artistic signature. From working in charcoal, pastels, acrylics, oils and photography, I also create paintings using the iPad, many featuring The Rock of Gibraltar.

My favourite genre is life drawing because it is always dynamic and ever changing. It is a great way to practice observation and detail. Regarding influences on my work, I look to the masters, the post-impressionists in particular. Picasso is my favourite artist since he pioneered so many artistic movements and broke down creative barriers. He was never afraid to reinvent himself as an artist. I think as an artist it is important to do that.

Since 2018, I have embarked on a new art genre: street art. To date I have been commissioned to create three outdoor murals in Gibraltar. In November 2021, I was awarded a Gibraltar Cultural Award for ‘Best Education Project’. I was thrilled to be recognised in this capacity because environmental issues are important to me. While surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Rock, our industry has also created a lot of pollution – therefore raising awareness on the matter by way of creating these murals and being acknowledged for this has been hugely rewarding.

I rely on colour as a thematic expression in my work. In my mural ‘Make A Wish’ for instance, you leave behind a polluted environment, represented in black and white, and walk into a pedestrianised area, a cleaner and healthier environment, represented in colour. Bright colours for me represent health and wellbeing and positivity. The colour treatment in the mural brings a sense of revitalisation, of healing and hope. People are positively uplifted by my murals and I definitely attribute that to the colour. In a way I consider this mural to be an art therapy piece since it encourages a positive mental outlook. Prompting someone to make a wish in itself is also a revitalising act.

Bright colours are what drew me to create digital art. I have access to so many amazing colours via the various digital applications. Instead of encouraging disconnection through the often unhealthy use of electronics, my digital work is a means to connect to others and express myself through colour.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy it.

Geraldine Martinez